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Ensuring IT best supports your growing business

We manage IT for growing business teams looking to reduce operational downtime, increase productivity and protect their data.

What we manage for you:

Computers & servers

Fast, up-to-date and secure computers help your business stay productive and organized. Whether in the office or on the go, your computers are the ultimate productivity tool in your business.

We monitor, maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade computers and servers – ensuring they operate as fast and securely as possible. We also update and provide support for the software installed on your computers and servers.


Reliable email is essential for both internal and external communication, including communication with customers and vendors. We help businesses transition from unreliable and insecure email providers to top-notch email services such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

We help adding and removing email addresses, troubleshooting email issues, archiving old email and ensuring your email is properly backed up.


Backups help your business stay up and running in the event of data loss. From natural disasters to ransomware infections, reliable backups can help your business quickly recover operations and continue generating revenue.

We not only implement and monitor backups for your computers, servers, cloud data and email, we conduct regular test restorations of your data to ensure your backups will deliver when you need them most.

Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace

Microsoft 365 or Google Google Workspace can help your business increase its productivity by providing tools for collaboration and easy access to your files. Cloud technology can also help your business decrease costs by eliminating or reducing the need for some on-site equipment.

We help with migrating to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, adding or removing user accounts and licenses, as well as troubleshooting issues, including issues with Microsoft Office desktop apps like Outlook, Word and Excel.

Networks & WiFi

A fast, reliable network helps you stay productive by keeping you connected to the Internet and devices in your office, like your printer. WiFi helps lower mobile data costs by conveniently connecting mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and provides a connection to the Internet when cell phone reception is unreliable.

We can install or upgrade your network cabling, equipment, and WiFi in addition to providing advanced security, monitoring, maintenance and support for your network.

Cybersecurity Training

Your primary defense against cyber attacks, online threats and data compromise is your end users. Through effective cybersecurity training, your team can be equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify potential threats to your business, take appropriate action and mitigate associated risks.

We provide an online cybersecurity training platform, including an annually updated training course and, weekly micro training videos and simulated phishing attacks.


Gain visibility into your various IT systems with thorough, up-to-date documentation, helping to reduce downtime by making troubleshooting easier and increase efficiency and security by streamlining IT related processes.

We maintain an inventory of your IT systems and document how various IT systems are configured, the backup & maintenance schedules in-place, your employee onboarding/offboarding procedures and more.

How we do IT:

We work exclusively with clients on an ongoing basis, operating as an outsourced IT department.


We start with a plan, this is your IT Road Map. Your IT Road Map shows how you currently use IT and outlines possible improvements. In other words, your IT Road Map helps ensure all of the right boxes are checked. This plan is revisited and updated together on a regular basis.


Based on your IT Road Map, we will recommend projects to help you achieve your plan. We manage these projects for you, taking care of planning, helping coordinate all parties involved and ensuring the right solutions are implemented in a timely manner.


We provide ongoing IT maintenance and support along the way, to help ensure your technology keeps working for you. Our goal is to provide proactive maintenance to keep things running smoothly and securely, in addition to providing rapid support when required.

Making IT predictable:

The IT management your company needs, for one monthly fee.

All packages include:

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